How To Master The No Make Up Look

Get ready to bare all

From James Charles transforming Kylie Jenner into a skeleton for halloween to Nikkie Tutorials epic makeover videos, we all know that the power of make up is endless. 

A good foundation and contour kit can take you from an 8 to a solid 10 in less than 5 minutesHowever, sometimes stripping it back to basics and letting your natural beauty shine through is just as good. Not everyday calls for a full face of makeup, so we’re here to help you free your complexion from layers of primers, foundations, bronzers and highlighters, getting you back to your most natural you.

Scared? We hear you babe. Whether that’s because you suffer from pigmentation, you’ve started breaking out or because Friday night left you with dark circles as well as a hangover. Leaving the house with minimal coverage can be daunting. So here are some simple tips you can use everyday to ensure you feel better about ditching makeup for days on end.

Quality skincare is key

When we go makeup free, we still want to look radiant and fresh. The best way to replicate that MAC studio fix glow is by applying quality skincare filled with skin nourishing ingredients. We recommend using skincare high in Vitamin E. This powerful antioxidant is known to brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation. WIN! We promise your skin will reap in the benefits and in return leave you radiant and glowing. Ensuring you’re using quality products on your skin is essential for mastering the no makeup look this Spring. So don’t skimp on the good stuff babe, your skin deserves the royal treatment.

Your skin is your MVP

It’s time to put your best face forward and embrace your imperfections. Let your freckles and blemishes live their best life babe. We recommend using our BB Cream daily to complete your no makeup look. It leaves you with that ‘your skin, but better’ kinda finish. You won’t have to worry about your skin feeling weighed down or looking cakey with this product. It provides just enough coverage for everyday wear, leaving the skin looking fresh, dewy and illuminated. Use your fingertips to massage in our beauty balm for all day protection, hydration and naturally glowing skin.

Refine and define

Like amping up the sharpen effect on Instagram, defining your eyebrows and lashes can really transform your no makeup look. Add some shape to your brows with a cult fave brow pencil and a coat of your favourite mascara to give the illusion you weren't awake all night watching Riverdale. At BB HQ we are loving Better Than Sex by Too Faced.

Let's get lippy

Want to bring out that natural pink in your pout? We have just the trick for you and it’s probably already in your pantry. Mix together cayenne, ginger and cinnamon powder in a bowl. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil and mix well. These spicy ingredients will make the blood flow to your lips, leaving them with a perfectly natural shade of red. Apply to your lips for 2-5 minutes then wash off. To add hydration plus a pop of gloss, apply our Coconut Lip Balm then Waalaa! Plump, soft, pink lips minus the lipstick.



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