How this sheet mask helped my dry skin


How this sheet mask helped my dry skin

Why this hydrating sheet mask is a game changer

Traditionally, sheet masks have always been something I turn to when I'm in need of a little pampering or a fun self care activity, it's not a product I would use to address any long standing skin concerns, I’ve always left that to the stuff that comes in bottles or tubes. However, after using Bali Body’s new Hydrating Sheet Mask my skincare routine will be forever changed.

My main skin concern is dryness, so in winter my skin doesn't cope at all. I’ve tried what feels like every product under the sun in an attempt to hydrate my skin, but the colder weather seems to defeat me every year. Safe to say I was shocked when I saw the instant results of this product

I first wore this mask on a Sunday evening, with the only purpose being to relax after a big weekend. When I took it off and felt my skin, I was amazed at how quickly this serum had infused hydration into my complexion. This sheet mask contains hyaluronic acid, which is a molecule that naturally occurs in the skin, and works by binding water to collagen and trapping it in, increasing hydration and giving the appearance of a dewy, full complexion. In addition to hyaluronic acid, this mask also contains glycerin, which is a humectant that attracts and contains water - it's no wonder why my skin felt incredible with this ultra-hydrating ingredient duo!

As I edge closer to the wrong side of my twenties, I am starting to notice fine lines appearing on my face, particularly around my eyes and mouth. After discovering the boost of hydration this mask gave me, I began using it frequently in my skincare routine, often 1-2 times per week. I’ve found the consistent use has softened the appearance of my fine lines, and made my face look more plump and youthful. I can thank the hydrolysed collagen for this, which is a powerful antioxidant that reduces skin ageing and improves elasticity and hydration. 

With my skin feeling more hydrated than ever after wearing this sheet mask, I tried using it as the first step in my make-up application. It gave me the perfect base for my foundation, with my skin being soft and smooth it prevented my make-up from creasing in my fine lines and gave me that highly sought after ‘lit from within’ look. 

This sheet mask has completely transformed the look and feel of my skin, it's become a permanent staple in both my skincare and make-up routine. Packed full of skincare and anti-aging ingredients, you too can expect your skin to be brighter, plump and hydrated with this mask.

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