How To Fake Tan Your Hands

And other tricky areas to ensure your tan is on fleek

It's happened to us all before, the dreaded 'fake tan hands' curse. Not even the likes of Ariana Grande have been able to escape it.

But we're not having it any longer. The bronzed skin experts are here to save your tan, one bronzed babe at a time. Be gone fake tan woes, hello bronzed glows. 

Oh so smooth

Dry skin is a natural occurrence (unless you're applying our Luxe Lotion daily, then you wouldn't have a clue what we're talking about). You might find some of the driest parts of your body are your ankles, knees, elbows and hands.

Dry, dead skin and self tan just don’t go well together. These areas tend to attract the fake tanning mousse like a sponge, which in turn creates those uneven, dark patches you might find in the #faketanfails Instagram hashtag. 

So banish dry skin and unwanted patches by exfoliating these areas prior to application. Use a toothbrush or nail brush to softly scrub ankles, knuckles, and knees to create a smooth canvas.

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Lather it, love it

Moisturiser is a blessing and a curse when it comes to fake tanning. Applying it just before application creates a barrier on the skin, diluting the results of your fake tan. However, it's a saviour for dry areas on your body (hey hands and feet, we're talking about you). Applying a moisturising barrier to these areas pre-tan will prevent excess product building up, helping you achieve the most flawless, even result. 

Apply a pearl size amount of Luxe Moisturiser to your palms, covering the area and working it over your fingers, knuckles and lightly to the top of your hands. Follow this same process for your feet. You want to place it wherever the skin is more coarse (think the sides of your feet, achilles heel, ankles).

Hello flawless

From beginners to tanning gurus, every babe needs to include a self tanning mitt in their fake tan routine. The material of the glove is made up of a luxe velvet like microfibre. It glides over the skin for an easy application and even result. Using a self tan mitt will ensure there is no 'fake tan hands' to be seen. 

Pro tip: wash your tanning mitt after each application in warm soapy water for the most seamless application time and time again.

Baby got back

Tanning your back can have you looking like you're participating in an advanced yoga class, until now. There'll be no dislocated limbs here, just a tanning mitt and large mixing spoon needed. Place the mitt over the spoon, secure it with a hair tie. Apply two pumps of our Self Tanning Mousse to the mitt and use long sweeping motions, first moving down your back then side to side until the product is evenly distributed. It's as easy as that, now you've just got to decide which backless mini dress will you be wearing tonight.

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