Fake Tan Hacks


Fake Tan Hacks

Try these for your best tan

The fake tan hacks that will take your self tanning routine to a new level of perfection.

As self-proclaimed fake tan addicts, the BB HQ office often discuss new hacks we discovered or created during our Thursday tan nights. We've discovered new ways to perfectly apply self tan to your face that will leave you with a defined contoured look as well as a bronzed complexion. Knowledge is power, so we’ve put all our best recommendations together so that you too can achieve the perfect glow. Ready to make the challenge of self tanning your back solo a thing of the past? Let’s go. 

Hack 1: Apply Face Tan Water with a foundation brush
Sick of getting fake tan on your fingertips when you apply Face Tan Water with a cotton pad? Try this hack. Swap a makeup pad for a fluffy foundation brush next time you apply the Bali Body Face Tan Water. Using a foundation brush will help ensure an even, well blended application of the face tanning solution all over your face, hairline, ears and neck. Using a clear tanning solution has never been easier.

Hack 2: Tan your back with a wooden spoon 
Getting your Mum, housemate or boyfriend to help you tan your back is officially a thing of the past with this handy hack. Raid your kitchen for a long handled wooden spoon and add it to your self tan hardware. When it's time to tan your back, all you need to do is place your Luxe Tanning Mitt on your wooden spoon and attach it with a hair tie. By creating an added extension to the mitt, you’ll be able to get to all those usual hard to reach places on your own. See this game changing technique in action on the Bali Body Instagram stories here. 

Hack 3: Tantouring 
Contouring with self tanner = tantouring. Most of us have had a spray tan where the beautician has contoured our legs or torso to achieve a more defined look but have you ever tantoured your face before? Defining your facial features using Self Tanner is a great hack to add to your beauty regime for a flawless ‘I woke up like this’ look. All you need is a bottle of Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse (we recommend shade dark) and a makeup brush. Ensuring your face is clean and dry, use your makeup brush to buff the self tan onto the high points of your forehead, cheekbones, sides of your nose and jawline to create definition. The idea is that you apply the tan to the points of your face you would generally contour with bronzer. Leave it to develop on your face for 6-8 hours and you’ll be left with a gorgeously contoured face the next morning - no makeup required.

Hack 4: Moisturise your hands after you fake tan
Everyone knows that one of the golden rules of tanning is to apply moisturiser to the dry areas of your body before you start. It helps to create a barrier between your skin and the self tanner for a more even finish. While applying any product immediately after you self tan is generally forbidden, your hands are the exception. If you’re finding that no matter how hard you try, your hands either get too much colour or are a little less even than you would have liked, try applying a small amount of moisturiser after you fake tan. It could make all the difference.

Shop the Bali Body Self Tan range here and try these hacks for yourself. 

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