How To Cover Tan Lines With Fake Tan


How To Cover Tan Lines With Fake Tan

Tan line emergency, sorted

Simple steps on fixing tan line dilemmas quickly and easily. 

Whether you love them or hate them, we can all agree that tan lines, especially of the singlet kind, can instantly ruin a good outfit. Decided to wear a bikini top that wraps around your torso 3 times or spent a few hours reading in your garden wearing a singlet? Either way, if you’re planning on wearing a strapless dress or cute midriff anytime soon you have one very uneven skin dilemma. One of the best ways to resolve unwanted tan lines is by using fake tan. A little self tanner if applied correctly can go a long way to even out your skin tone temporarily so that you can wear your outfit as planned, no tan lines in sight. Here is everything you need to cover unwanted tan lines so well that the transition between fake tan and your natural sun tan will be undetectable. 

Covering up accidental tan lines 
Accidental tan lines in this case are bigger areas that you really didn't mean to tan at all. Whether you were hiking, cycling or having a picnic in the sun, you’ve been left with a larger uneven area that needs to be fixed. The first step? Choose the self tan shade that you think is going to blend in best and get your tanning mitt ready. The original dark shade of Bali Body Self Tan is the perfect colour when you’re trying to mimic a natural sun tan. As fake tan adds colour, the key is to focus predominantly on the lighter areas rather than applying product evenly. If you’re dealing with a line where your bike shorts end on your thighs for example, use your tanning mitt and gently dab the self tan where required. Slowly build coverage by adding multiple layers until you have successfully created a more even transition between the lighter and sunkissed shades of your skin. 

Covering up smaller tan lines 
Smaller tan lines, like the bikini strap line type, require some additional tools and technique for the perfect cover up. Swap your tanning mitt for an old makeup brush or beauty sponge to ensure you apply fake tan to the lighter areas more precisely. The trick is to apply self tan to the required areas as if you were applying foundation. By using a smaller makeup tool, you can tailor exactly where the product goes and add layers where necessary. If you have some serious tan lines to deal with and multiple layers aren't doing the trick then you may need to opt for a darker self tan like the Bali Body Ultra Dark Self Tan.

When an instant cover up is necessary 
When tan lines happen and you don’t have the time to fix them with self tan, opt for the Bali Body Bronzing Lotion and a hint of your foundation for a quick fix. Use the products separately or together to give your skin a hint of colour in the lighter sections. While it’s only a temporary fix, it’s enough to save any outfit from a tan line disaster this summer. 

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