This Facial Massage Technique Will Change Your Life


This Facial Massage Technique Will Change Your Life

You’ll wonder what you were doing before

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that beauty treatments with salon quality results can be done at home. 

It has definitely been a year of discovering new self care habits and DIY beauty rituals. There's one treatment that has recently struck our attention, it’s called the Macro Beauty Massage. Essentially it's a daily facial massage technique that claims to change the shape of your face. We’re talking more defined jawlines, plumper looking cheeks and more glow! No extractions, lasers, lights, needles or face masks needed.  

First up, here’s some benefits of using this game changing massage technique

  • Promotes skin health
  • Reduces facial muscle tension
  • Rids lymph nodes of toxins and nasties
  • Helps reduce jaw stiffness

    Now to how you can try this at home for yourself.

    The technique:

    Start with a clean, exfoliated face then reach for your Bali Body Natural Tanning and Body Oil. This is going to help you manoeuvre your hands with ease around the face. Also, added bonus, our Gold Oil is filled with skincare superheroes that will make your complexion glow. 

    Then using the palm of your hand, firmly sculpt and deeply massage your forehead upwards into your hairline. Do this for around 10 reps. Next, you’re going to do the same technique around your temples but using both hands this time massage the product upwards, away from the center of the face. This first part is dedicated to reducing tension. 

    Next, you’re going to use both hands, starting at either side of your nose and massaging outwards. Do this with your palms to start, then use your fingertips to do the same movement. Do this for at least 20 seconds each. This is going to ‘de-puff’ and give the radiance we all desire. 

    Adding a few more drops of oil into your palms, start from behind your ears and work the product down towards your chest. Repeat as many times as you feel necessary. This is going to drain your lymph nodes and rid any toxins.  

    Can't get enough of at home beauty hacks? Either can we! We've got you covered. Read more here


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