Your Summer Makeup Routine In Less Than 5 Minutes


Your Summer Makeup Routine In Less Than 5 Minutes

Your guide to nailing the ’no-makeup’ makeup look

Summer time calls for ‘no-makeup’ makeup vibes. We’re talking about a fresh face and sun-kissed complexion with a whole lot of glow.

Isn’t it weird that wearing makeup that doesn't look like makeup is trending? The off-duty model look with dewy sun-kissed vibes goes against your typical Instagram full glam look and we’re here for it this summer. With warmer days on the horizon and so much summer social fun to be had, you won’t want to waste any of it by your vanity. The good news is the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look is here to stay and all you need is a spare 5 minutes to nail it like a pro. Ready for minimum effort and maximum glow? Let’s do it.


Summer is all about those natural, radiant complexion goals. Our #1 tip for nailing the perfect base is to steer clear of thick, full coverage foundations. The Bali Body BB Cream will give just enough coverage for that quintessential summer ‘barely there’ look. Your freckles will still peep through while also providing hydration. To ensure you keep that fresh, dewy look all day we recommend applying the BB Cream with your fingers or a buffing brush followed by a powered bronzer to add colour and contour. This will ensure the product is pressed well into your skin and will withstand the summer heatwave. Time check? 4 minutes to go!


It’s true that brows can either make or break the face. Before heading out, give your brows life by brushing them upwards and adding some colour. Choose a shade that best matches your current brow colour and create fullness by softly slashing the product through your brows. Don’t forget to use a spoolie brush to comb the product through fine hairs. The bonus? It gives the illusion of a mini face lift which is always a win. Only 3 mins left? No worries.


For the lips, we say keep it simple. Applying a glossy lip balm to your pout will create a fresh and youthful looking appearance. Our Coconut Lip Balm will hydrate your lips while giving that glass-like, lip perfection that we all lust after. It also contains SPF15 which is perfect for protecting your pout all day. Keep it close babe, you never know when your summer fling could show up.

Bright eyes

Make your eyes the MVP with a champagne or pastel pink hue eyeshadow. Choosing shades that are only slightly more pigmented than your individual skin colour will make your eyes seriously pop. Use an eyeshadow brush and blend your fave shadow over your lids and into your crease. Next, use a waterproof mascara to further enhance your eye lashes. Only 1 minute to go? You’ve got this.


Because we’re constantly chasing glow, we opt for a face mist rather than a translucent powder to set and seal your radiant makeup look. This will not only lock in moisture but will ensure your makeup lasts the long haul during any occasion under the sun. Our Hydrating Face and Body Mist  is the only setting spray you’ll need this summer. It's enriched with cucumber, aloe vera and peppermint so it'll also give you a refreshing, soothing and cooling splash of hydration when applied. 

Now you’re all set to go and have a minute left to spare, why not read how to keep your makeup in place all day. Click here.

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