Why You Need To Ditch Foundation This Summer


Why You Need To Ditch Foundation This Summer

Get your best glow up yet

Summer is the perfect time to update your beauty bag for these lightweight face heroes. 

Right now, the thought of applying and wearing a full face of foundation seems like quite a lot. Especially considering the fact that most of us haven’t been wearing much makeup at all over the last few months. While our isolation restrictions are becoming slightly more flexible (hello freedom), the idea of putting on makeup to head outside is really exciting. But rather than reaching for the heaviest product in your makeup bag, opt for more glow instead. After all, summer is all about keeping your products lightweight, dewy and fresh. If you’re ready to ditch your heavy foundation but need a few more convincing reasons to get you over the edge, then you’re in the right place.

It’s time to let your skin breathe 
Just like us, our skin co-operates better when it’s getting regular doses of fresh air. Allowing your skin to breathe will help its natural process of removing toxins from the body, resulting in less breakouts, skin imperfections and irritations. Before you start panicking, this doesn't mean you need to go bare faced the first time you leave the house in 12 weeks, it means you should opt for a lightweight product that provides coverage while still letting your skin absorb oxygen. The Bali Body BB Cream SPF15 is the perfect alternative, achieving a light-medium coverage that results in the perfect balance of freshness, dewiness and glow. 

No more faking it
There are so many things we love about our favourite foundations, blurred imperfections and adjustable coverage just to name a few. But there comes a time when you need to switch up your morning routine, so you’re not constantly relying on a heavy layer of foundation to freshen up your face. Opt for a brightening serum instead to keep your face looking fresh, youthful and awake in IRL. A Vitamin C serum or anything with hyaluronic acid is a great place to start. 

Face tan hero
Too scared to ditch foundation because your face is a few shades lighter than your body? We have a solution for that too. Enter the Bali Body Face Tan Water. A gradual Face Tan Water that combines the best of skincare and self tan to deliver a flawless, radiant tan to your face. Unlike a normal self tanner, this product has been specially formulated to tan and tone the face without blocking pores or causing breakouts. No foundation, no worries.

Make the summer of 2020 the summer you ditched foundation and had your best glow up yet (literally). Shop the Bali Body BB Cream and Face Tan Water here.

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