How To Apply Sunscreen Over Makeup

The ultimate makeup hack

Finally you don’t have to smear off your foundation to stay protected from the sun.

On your list of things to do everyday, applying sunscreen should be right up the top. At Bali Body we like to call it SPF’d to impress. However, just because we know something is good for us, doesn't necessarily mean we do it when we need too. Especially when something seems like a big old inconvenience. Putting sunscreen on your face without smudging your makeup entirely is about as inconvenient as your favourite fake tan bottle running out. Before you give up completely and throw it in the too hard basket, we have some excellent solutions to help babes battle this common sunscreen conundrum.

Every babe has experienced a time when their makeup was looking an easy 10/10 on the dewy perfection scale to have it ruined by sunscreen application. Followed by a time they then avoided SPF and ended up a little too red faced. Luckily, you can now avoid both mishaps and find middle ground by re-applying your sunscreen anytime, anywhere with a good SPF and a beauty blender.

How to stop ruining your makeup

Australian beauty blogger, Hannah English came up with the hack on a hot day in the middle of an Aussie heatwave when she couldn't be bothered taking off the day’s makeup to start again. Using a cream based SPF like the Bali Body Moisturising Sunscreen and a beauty blender Hannah unintentionally created the sunscreen hack to end all hacks. After applying a small drop of sunscreen to the flat portion of your dry sponge, Hannah recommends dotting the SPF lightly all over your cheekbones and forehead. From here, the most important thing to do is take your time and use a dotting motion to blend it all in. Adding more sunscreen to the blender if necessary. The key is to avoid using a dragging motion so it doesn't disturb your foundation. While it may take a good few minutes, slow and steady wins the race because not only will you be protected from the UVA & UVB rays, your makeup has not moved an inch. Mic drop.

While any beauty blender will do the trick, Hannah recommends the Juno & Co. Micofiber Velvet Sponge as it doesn't absorb as much as a normal blender would, making it easier to press the product into your skin, without soaking up your makeup. We don’t know about you but we really stan Hannah for this game changing SPF trick.

Start your day strong

While using a blender to apply sunscreen mid-makeup is pure genius, you should always start your day strong by applying SPF before your makeup. You can do this by applying the Bali Body Moisturising Sunscreen after you cleanse, tone and moisturise, letting it completely dry for 2-3 minutes before adding any makeup products. It’s the perfect time to make yourself a morning coffee while the product sets in. If you’re worried SPF is going to dial up the shine factor then a translucent setting powder will tone it down a notch and ensure your makeup isn't sliding all over the place. Using a BB Cream like the Bali Body BB Cream with SPF is also another option for daily protection from the sun. Followed by some hack SPF application at lunch time you will be protected by UVA & UVB rays all day long.

#BBProTip: Carry your BB CreamSunscreen and Beauty Blender in your handbag and keep one in your office desk drawer so that they’re always available when you need that little bit of sun protection.

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