Three Beauty Hacks to Make Your Tan Last


Three Beauty Hacks to Make Your Tan Last

Tanning is 100% on-trend. Bali Body Bronzing Lotion gives you that beachy glow you’ve always wanted, without the hassle. It’s an instant, wash-off lotion that gives you the perfect tan without the sun. It’s like magic in a bottle.

At Bali Body, our Bronzing Lotion is 100% vegan friendly and made right here in Australia.

One of our most asked questions: after spending a long morning at the beach, how can you make your tan last from sunrise to sunset?


Step 1 - Prep Your Skin Beforehand

It is important to get your skin in the best possible condition prior to applying Bali Body Bronzing Lotion. Shaving or waxing hair helps remove the dead skin cells for a softer, smoother surface.


Step 2 - Skip the Deo

All girls hate that ‘white pit’ look. For an even tan on your underarms, avoid deodorant at all costs before applying your Bronzing Lotion. It is best to apply your deodorant once the lotion has settled on your skin.


Step 3 - Reapply

Instead of leaving it at home, bring your Bronzing lotion with you for reapplication throughout the day. This keeps the pigmentation flawless and vibrant even hours after the first application. Let your skin shine from sunrise to sunset.



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