Best New Fake Tan


Best New Fake Tan

An instant fake tan with no streaks or smells

Sometimes in life you need to fake it till you make it with a good at home instant tanner.

A good fake tan is up there with one of life’s best hacks. It's an effortless short-cut to an all over glow, no vacay necessary. If you have never invested in a tan of the faux variety then it’s time you take the plunge to the bronzed side. Fake tan formulas have come a long way since the Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan circa early 2000’s. Steaky orange-hued spray tans and that boyfriend-hating fake tan smell have been replaced with natural fake tan formulas that leave nothing but a flawless bronzed glow from top to toe.

The brand new Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse is one of the best new fake tans on the market. The beauty editors from Who What Wear described it as "The best in the industry right now—period. It's easy to apply, is eerily natural-looking, and barely smells”. When a beauty editor who has tried every fake tan there is to try says that, it proves the game-changing formula is more advanced than ever.

The Bali Body fake tan has been formulated with colour guide technology to tailor your desired tan to your skin tone. This means that the self tan will adjust its colour to suit your skin tone on application. You will never have to worry about a bad fake tan again with Bali Body’s flawless and natural Self Tanning Mousse.

The new fake tan is easy to apply, fast drying and incredibly lightweight. Applying your tan at home has never been easier and smoother with the Luxe Tanning Mitt created by Bali Body. The velvet-like tanning mitt, which comes in the shape of a hand with an additional thumb pocket for extra grip will ensure a no-streak perfect tan everytime. All you need to do is wash the reusable mitt under warm soapy water after each application and let it air dry ready for your next #tantime.

Bali Body’s instant fake tan is vegan friendly and suitable for all skin tones due to its green base. A green based fake tan is the perfect base for fair and olive skin types to achieve a natural bronzed glow, without any orange undertones in sight. A green based product is best for a flawless fake tan. One of the many benefits of a green base include 'pink correcting' making it the ideal colour base for fair skin babes who might have trouble finding a natural glow to suit. Bali Body’s fake tan is a perfect one-size-fits-all instant tanner for every skin type.

Unlike most fake tanners, the Self Tanning Mousse by Bali Body includes only 100% Natural DHA. DHA, which is also known as dihydroxyacetone is the key tanning agent in fake tanning products. It's also often the culprit for skin reactions when using fake tan for babes with super-sensitive skin. Going for a fake tan with natural DHA eliminates bad reactions as well as that funky fake tan smell. There’s no need to use any products with bad strong fragrances or harsh ingredients when Bali Body’s new natural fake tan gives you an instant healthy glow - sans any nasties. It is also free from any parabens or sulphates, making it as skin loving as can be. To read more about why you should make the switch to natural DHA from the synthetic type, read our blog post here.

Bali Body’s natural fake tan has a light floral and citrus scent with hints of woodsy notes. The innovative formula is enriched with nourishing natural extracts and oils to not only tan but smooth and hydrate skin at the same time. Now you can get an authentic-looking sunless tan while nourishing your skin with soothing ingredients.

Green Coffee Seed Extract: Rich in antioxidants, reduces the damaging effects of free radicals and eliminates all types of toxins, nourishing and improving the appearance of the skin.
Chamomile Extract: Famous for its soothing properties, chamomile calms skin irritations and reduces inflammation, decreasing redness and reconditions the skin leaving it refreshed and purified.
Pomegranate Extract: Pomegranate is a potent antioxidant and free-radical scavenger that helps to reduce the appearance of age lines and wrinkles. It also tightens pores and works to rejuvenate tired skin.

Preparing your skin for a fake tan is as easy as ABC. Just as you would prep your face for a night out with a face mask or a facial, the rest of your body needs the same TLC. Here are three easy steps that will make your skin glow that little bit brighter and hold your fake tan that little bit longer.

Exfoliate: Your self tan colour sits on the top layer of skin so it’s really important that your skin has been exfoliated to ensure a flawless smooth colour. In an ideal world you would start your exfoliating regimen a week in the lead up, however a good 24 - 48 hours will do just the trick. You can either use an exfoliating product or dry brush using our Natural Tanning & Body Oil. To read more about all the benefits of dry brushing read our blog post here.

Moisturise: Take the time to nourish your body with our Luxe Moisturising Lotion in preparation for your self tan. The more hydrated your skin is prior, the better your fake tan will look and hold. Pay special attention to dry areas like your hands, elbows, knees, ankles and feet as this is where fake tan tends to grab onto the skin.

Hair removal: If you’re planning on shaving, waxing or any other hair removal, make sure you do it at least 24 hours prior to self tanning to give your pores time to close. If you forget to shave and need to fake tan the day of, turn the hot water off in the shower for a good 40 seconds before you hop out. While it may be a little chilly, the cold water will close your pores so you don’t end up with any small fake tan dots where you have just shaved.  

While the Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse is perfectly safe to use on your face - we recommend applying it with a foundation brush for ultimate precision - Bali Body’s new product, Face Tan Water has been specially formulated to give your face a flawless fake tan. The clear fake tan water is super hydrating and lightweight, giving your face a perfect tan with all the skincare benefits. The Face Tan Water won’t clog pores so you never have to worry about breaking out when fake tanning your face again. It will give your complexion the perfect bronzed glow, while fighting uneven skin tone, irritation and dehydration with its skin-loving ingredients.

Pomegranate Extract: Rich in Vitamin C, pomegranate extracts are packed with antioxidants that fight skin inflammation, treat acne breakouts and reduce skin pigmentation whilst naturally brightening the complexion.
Jojoba Seed Oil: Naturally reducing inflammation, jojoba seed oil aids redness, soothing skin and easing the uncomfortable effects of eczema and skin irritations, keeping it calm and balanced.
Sodium Hyaluronate: Derived from Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate provides skin with the same intensely hydrating and moisturising benefits whilst smoothing fine lines, improving texture and tone, while being easily absorbed.

The easy-to-apply and quick drying water also has no visible colour guide so it won’t transfer on your clothes or bedding.

Now babes all around can the world can achieve a flawless natural looking fake tan on their face and body with Bali Body’s Self Tan range.

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