Holiday Movie Marathon


Holiday Movie Marathon

Must-see Christmas movies to binge watch

It's only 6 weeks till Christmas. We know, wasn't it July just last week? So to get you in the festive spirit we've compiled a list of the best holiday flicks to watch in the lead up.

Our movie list includes the reliable old classics along with a dose of the 'so bad they're good' corny picks. Cue the bells and holiday cheer, this will surely keep you entertained while you check off your Christmas gift list. If you're stumped click here for some gifting inspo.

Home Alone

What is Christmas without a tree, pudding and Home Alone playing? This nostalgic classic will throw you back to your Barbie doll days and have you setting up random booby-traps around your house.

The Holiday

The only thing more perfect than this film is obviously Jude Law, who stars as one of the love interests. With a stellar cast and a plot that doesn't seem to get tiring, this is one of the classics. So get your girlfriends together, put on a hair mask and snuggle up with your fave snacks for a festive, heartwarming night.

Just Friends

So this movie isn’t entirely about Christmas, but so what, its got a generous serving of Ryan Reynolds in the snow, so we’re willing to bend the rules. This hilariously funny rom-com follows a dorky teenager turned successful music executive who’s heading home for Christmas. So what happens when he bumps into his childhood crush? Is it love under the mistletoe? You're going to have to laugh your way through it to find out. 


We can thank this film for the millions of Christmas memes that start rolling out on our Facebook at this time of year. The storyline follows an orphan, Buddy (Will Ferrell) that was raised by elves in the north pole on a mission to find his real dad. This one takes out the title for funniest Christmas film and will have you in stitches from start to finish.

The Princess Switch

Did someone say corny, with an extra side of cheese? But we don't hate it. Like all really awful Christmas movies, this one's a Netflix production. The plot line is pretty much the old 'Princess switch' but with a Prince and commoner stuck in the middle. Like an extra scoop of Christmas pudding, this is sure to be a new guilty pleasure.

Love Actually

If you've been living under a rock you might've missed this one, but it's probably safe to say you're about to put Love Actually on for the millionth time. It's like a box of Cadbury Favourites and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, plus who doesn't love a spontaneous couch karaoke session to 'that' Maria song.

In the mood now to complete some Christmas shopping? Click here for some gifting inspo for those BFF's, GF's & BF's in your life. 

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