Best Tanning Oil To Get Dark

Take your tan to the next level with these products

A tanning oil is your best investment for seriously bronzed skin.

There's no better feeling than a relaxing sunny day at the beach. Unfortunately this doesn't happen as much as we would like in London, so it's important yo make the most of the sun while it's here with tanning oils. Tanning oils enhance the skin’s ability to sun tan, while keeping your skin hydrated and protected at the same time. They also promote a more even toned natural tan on the skin. Ready to take your tan to the next level? Here are our best picks for tanning oils to get you that ‘month in Santorini’ type of sun tan.

If you’re a new Bali Body babe you might not know that the Natural Tanning & Body Oil is our OG product. Enriched with only the best quality ingredients, including coconut, grape seed and jojoba it will give your skin a deep golden glow while working its hydrating super powers. If you suffer from eczema or any sensitive skin issues but still want to get your darkest tan possible, this product is for you. Due to its natural properties, it won’t flare up or irritate the skin, allowing you to get a deep sun tan, sans the usual worrying. The best part? It’s so natural that it doubles as a body oil. Use this liquid gold 365 days a year, rain, hail or shine.

A good tanning oil will keep your skin moisturised, while it speeds up the process of achieving your darkest sun tan yet. Also known as the holy grail of tanning oils is our Watermelon Tanning Oil. It’s everything you want in a tanning oil. It’s deep, dark, nourishing, hydrating and smells like summer. What sets this sun tan oil apart from the rest is that it’s enriched with watermelon seed oil which stimulates the body’s natural production of melanin, resulting in your deepest shade of bronze possible. Other ingredients include vitamin E and sweet almond oil, working to block free radicals while providing your skin with intense moisture. If you’re wanting to seriously amplify your tan, the Watermelon Tanning Oil is how you do it.

After an instant tan while you’re developing your natural tan? Reach for the Cacao Tanning Oil. The first of its kind, this tanning oil will leave your skin with an instant bronzed glow from the 100% natural cacao goodness included in the bottle. The raw cacao will not only leave your skin with a hint of tint and light chocolate scent but it’s a superfood for your skin, providing hydration to keep skin firm and supple.

What’s natural, fruity, nourishing and repairing? Meet our Pineapple Tanning OilEnriched with pineapple extract and coconut oil to give your skin a deep sun-kissed glow, while naturally repairing any uneven skin tone. It’s not only the perfect summer inspired sun tan oil but it’s a tanning oil world first. 

Even if you're tanning, you still need some sun protection. All our hydrating and lightweight tanning oils come in three SPF varieties to suit your personal preference of sun protection. Choose between SPF15, SPF6 or no SPF or better yet, just get them all. With so many tan enhancing properties, you can still get your darkest tan possible while staying protected at the same time using Bali Body. 

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