The ideal night skincare routine

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The ideal night skincare routine

Give your skin the perfect night's rest & wake up with a glowing complexion following our ideal skincare routine to suit every skin type! Click to learn more. 

What are life's simple pleasures? A delicious cup of coffee? Check. Sitting in the sunshine? Big yes. But most of all, a good night’s sleep is the mother, and nurturing this on a day to day basis should become a top priority. Not only is your general mood better after a restful night, but your energy levels, brain functionality and skin especially will thrive as a result. In fact, it’s at night where your skin shifts into repair and restore mode, so dedicating ample time to sleep will result in happier and healthier skin - amongst other benefits.

One way we can prepare for a good night’s sleep is committing to a seamless nighttime skincare routine with a goal of locking in hydration, treating skin concerns and of course, removing all pollution, grime and impurities in order to regenerate overnight. 

Here’s our tried and tested 5 step nighttime skincare routine that will have you waking up feeling like a new version of yourself. 


What is the point of nighttime skin rejuvenation if you leave your make-up on when you go to bed? Avoid this beauty faux-pas and opt for a gentle cleanser to wash away all the dirt and oil that’s built up on your face throughout the day. Side note: not all cleansers are created equal, particularly considering we all have different skin types and concerns. It’s super helpful to know which skin type is yours, and for those of you that are unaware, we’ve summarised it for you here.


Now that our face is nice and cleansed, another method to increase collagen production overnight is to use a granule-free chemical exfoliator like our Enzyme Exfoliant. Formulated with active ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and Lactic Acid, it will help remove dead skin cells and build up of old product, supporting new skin cell growth in the process as you catch some zzz’s. 


Face serums are scientifically proven to improve skin health, as well as target skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and acne breakouts, so there’s no better time than in the PM to soak your face in one. Our Vitamin D Serum is your answer to repair and protect the skin’s DNA from a range of environmental factors, as well as promote cell turnover overnight with its potent levels of Vitamin D that will give you a youthful and hydrated visage.  


Staring in front of a screen all day long (let’s face it, this is most of us) causes our eyes serious strain and exposes the delicate skin around them to harsh light. Since we have more time in the evenings to dedicate to our skincare regimens, adding an Eye Serum to gently massage and ease out any tension will work wonders. 


The final step in any effective nighttime skincare routine is locking in all the aforementioned with a top quality moisturiser, such as our Pro-Collagen Cream. This peptide face cream, infused with Vitamin C, plant-based Collagen and Bakuchiol, is designed to improve hydration and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, leaving your skin firmer, plumper and visibly nourished, as evidenced the minute you wake up.

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