Why Watermelon Is The Latest Ingredient Your Skincare Needs

A must-try skincare trend for 2018

Much more than just a key ingredient in daiquiris, watermelon is the latest superfood to watch out for in your beauty products. 

The juicy staple has taken the United Kingdom by storm over the last five years and for very good reason. It is not only packed with H2O (a casual 92 percent to be precise) but has endless benefits for your skin and hair too. Loaded with antioxidants including vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene, the sweet fruit is known for ultra hydration, brightening and promoting healthy collagen production.

What you might not know about watermelon, is that the seeds are just as good for your skin as it is for your body. Once dried, toasted and squeezed, watermelon seed oil is incredibly hydrating and beneficial in maintaining glowing skin.

Watermelon seed oil was first used by native African people as a cooking oil. Rich in many properties that make it nutritious and healing for the skin, watermelon oil has fast become a beauty cult product beneficial in removing dark circles, maintaining youthful skin, reducing pigmentation and detoxification.

In other words, the pretty pink fruit not only tastes delicious, but is a downright delectable treat for your skin too. Here are 5 quick ways you can add watermelon to your beauty regime. 

1. Oil Cleansing - using only oil and a cloth dipped in hot water, cleanse, clean and exfoliate your face and body
2. Dark Circle Remover - dab a few drops of watermelon seed oil under the eyes every night before bed
3. Carrier Oil - mix it with your favourite essential oils for an added bonus to hair and skin application
4. Fights Cellulite - massage into your trouble spots using long, broad strokes across the body toward the heart
5. Hyperpigmentation - apply it to areas of the skin that appear darker than the rest to help reduce pigmentation in the skin. 

Just like the fruit itself, watermelon-infused beauty products tend to be cooling and quenching on your skin. It’s also one of the many reasons why we created our best selling Watermelon Tanning Oil here at BB HQ. The light-weight oil rejuvenates skin elasticity, locks in moisture and boosts your natural production of melanin while evening your skin's complexion.

It really is the secret to achieving that summer glow you have been dreaming about. 

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