Coconut Oil, But Not As You Know It


Coconut Oil, But Not As You Know It

Everyday tips you'll go (coco)nuts for

3 reasons why you'll love incorporating coconut oil into your everyday ritual. 

You've probably heard it before, but coconut oil is so damn good for you. It's gained "seriously trending" status this year and for a good reason. This natural oil, derived from virgin coconuts, is hydrating for skin, anti-viral and a nutritious ingredient when used in cooking. Incorporating this natural hero into your everyday routine is a game changer. Could it be the super ingredient to rule all super ingredients?

Wake up and smell the coco

Sure it smells delicious, but did you know that incorporating coconut oil into your meals is not only tasty, but a way to stimulate your metabolism. Containing healthy fats and nutrients that are converted by the liver straight into energy. It makes for a tasty butter substitute on morning toast, or adds a creamy richness to your fruit smoothie. For babes that love a little caffeine hit in the morning, add a tablespoon to your coffee. Your usual brew has now been transformed into the current craze, a bulletproof coffee. This little tip will keep you full until lunchtime. 

Time to bare all

Smooth pins just got smoother. No babe has time for pesky in-growns and shaving bumps when their tan is looking so good. Scrap your usual shaving cream for one of our Natural Tanning Oils. The coconut and natural oils will help the razor glide over your pins, for the smoothest result ever.

Natural Tanning Oil, Coconut Oil, Vegan Skincare, Natural Skincare

It loves your locks

Say goodbye to frizzy, dehydrated and unmanageable hair. Applying coconut oil to your tresses seals in moisture and hydrates strands back to their happy state. The hero ingredient in our Tanning Oil range is Coconut Oil, which makes our Natural Tanning & Body Oil the perfect addition to your weekly rinse. Apply our Natural Tanning & Body Oil to dry hair before bed, focusing on your scalp and ends. You'll soon be waking up with Rapunzel worthy hair.

Natural Skincare, Coconut Oil, Vegan Skincare, Natural Tanning Oils

We love coconut oil for all its multi-purpose benefits, that's why we've included it as a hero ingredient in our range of Skincare, Tanning Oils & Suncare.

To read more on our hero ingredient here

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